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All airsoft guns are shipped with required
 blaze orange barrel markings

Double Eagle USP Airsoft Electric Pistol (MGB) Metal Slide (M81) JG M4 Side Folding Stock Airsoft ElectricGun M.G.B. MP5-PDW Airsoft Electric Gun
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Our Price: $139.95
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Buy ONE get ONE Free! $36.97
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Double Eagle USP Airsoft Electric Pistol (MGB) JG M16 Side Folder (6615) Airsoft 1 MP5 PDW
Full / Semi Auto Electric pistol.  This is a high powered pistol not a cheap plinker.  Excellent sidearm or primary for CQB. Just in from JG Full / Semi Automatic Airsoft Electric Gun.  8.4V battery for greater power
JIEKE STI EDGE Airsoft Pistol With Laser Jeike M93R Airsoft Electric Pistol JG AK Beta Airsoft Electric Gun
List Price: $14.99
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JIEKE STI EDGE Airsoft Pistol With Laser Jeike M93R Airsoft Electric Pistol JG 0509M AK Beta Airsoft Electric Rifle
Metal Gear Box AEP The PGB version of the first JG gun of the new series.  New gun, so it will be a few days before we get full details
JLS SG PRO Airsoft Electric Pistol FiDragon Ni-Mh 9.6V 1100mAh Battery with adaptor Deluxe Tactical Vest with Quick Draw Holster, Pouch and Belt (CAMO)
Our Price: $20.00
Sale Price: $5.99
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Our Price: $9.99
Our Price: $49.97
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Airsoft Tactical Vest
Full and Semi Auto Electric Pistol. Includes Batteries. Delux Tactical Cross Draw Vest

What is Airsoft?

Airsoft has a relatively long history. Designed and marketed in the United States about 30 years ago by a major BB gun manufacturer. AirSoft was conceptualized as a new approach in BB gun application. In place of the utilitarian air gun designed for hunting, the AirSoft BB gun was created with a pure recreational application in mind. It was created for people who enjoy target practicing or indoor plinking with friends. Individuals who are not concerned about the high power hunting application of a BB or pellet gun but just wanted to have Fun. This is exactly where AirSoft BB guns fit in.

The design of the AirSoft BB gun centers on a unique propulsion system utilizing a small amount of air to accurately shoot lightweight plastic BB pellets. This design philosophy resulted in a BB gun, which generates a much less damaging projectile that is still accurate enough to be FUN. As the AirSoft product matured, manufacturers added another feature, which drew hobbyist and collectors alike to AirSoft. By modeling AirSoft BB guns after world famous pistols and rifles, an entire line of Replica AirSoft products were created. This created a huge splash not only here in the United States, but it also brought this hobby to the rest of the world. Italy, Japan and many Asian countries caught the craze and took the development of AirSoft to new heights.

Over several generations of development and constant improvement, AirSoft BB guns are now returning to the United States with newer and better designs. The highly matured plastic polymer technology industry in Asia has created a new generation of AirSoft BB guns with amazing durability and detail. Adding to its hobby collector market, the new AirSoft BB guns have created new uses in firearm safety training, movie productions, replica collecting, and recreational sport. Partly due to our history, the attraction and availability to firearms and its associated shooting sports run deep in the United States. AirSoft guns offer a potential alternative for the hobbyist, collector, and shooter. The combination of realism, safety, flexibility, and low cost makes AirSoft more appealing to the average consumer who would like to exercise his or her steady eye/hand coordination without the inherent dangers. (Safety glasses must still be worn for protection)

The U.S. Government have approved and specified regulations applicable to AirSoft BB guns. The blaze orange marking is a federal requirement: all reputable AirSoft manufacturers and dealers must be in compliance with this ruling for legal use. All AirSoft products, foreign or domestic, must meet this regulation. (Removal of the tip will also void all Warranty's and Refunds)

What is HOP-UP?

The basic theory of Hop-Up is spin theory. When the BB bullet is shot, there is a friction put on the upper side of BB Bullet, the BB bullet spins up-ward. The power of spin can offset the affection of gravity, wind power, air friction.... and push the BB bullet fly to farther distances.

Gun Types:

Spring Pistols & Rifles

Stylized after all of the world